Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the locksmith services that we provide our clients with, there are certain questions that we’re asked time and again. Find out the answers to our FAQs by reading on.


Could your locksmiths install a key-less entry system in my home or business?Frequently asked Questions

 A Keyless entry system could potentially get installed by a professional locksmith tech for your house or your place of business.Please give us a call at (866) 397-9981 to get an accurate appraisal for such a service.

Did you lose your original car keys?

For a dealer quality new car key, you should give us a call, whether its a laser cut key or an old style non transponder simple metal key.Our vendors supply us with car keys and codes for all makes and models

What’s a master key and can i get one?

 A master key is used when you want simple consolidation of entry to multiple door locks. when a master key is fashioned for you, you can used that key in all corresponding locks while assigning individual keys to each lock that only work like regular keys i.e one key for one lock.

I want piece of mind, what type of lock should i choose?

 Depends on your door type and size. You could request a double bolt lock or a mortise lock, you could even go as far as to install a biometric lock like you have on your iPhone that uses your unique finger prints.

Help! My home was broken into!

 Sometimes it’s just a matter of forgetting to lock the door or leaving a window unlocked, but when its a breaking and entering its very serious since you cannot know if they used a copied key or noticed your house locks where deficient in some way as opposed to your neighbors more effective locks.Give 247 Locksmith Service a call at (866) 397-9981 and we’ll send over a qualified burglary expert who will advise you in the best measurements you should take going forward.

I want to install new locks.

 Looking to get a freshly installed lock? Please give us a call at (866) 397-9981 and we’ll send a locksmith tech over right away for a fair and thoughtful appraisal. Anyone can quote you over the phone but we at 247 Locksmith Service send out a locksmith free of charge for an accurate estimation depending on lock quality and door type.

What do i do, i need to unlock my car!

Wherever you are we have a local affiliated professional locksmith who can get to your exact location in no time. Don’t waste time or damage your car with coat hangers and other DIY ideas you found on Google, Give us a call for risk free car lockout.

My car key broke off in the ignition, help!

 First thing don’t try to pry it out! An ignition is a very expensive part of your vehicle and damaging it will incur a high cost of parts and labor regardless of who you employ to get it fixed.
For a solution that won’t potentially damage your car’s ignition use a certified automotive locksmith specialist. Good thing we have at least one such individual always on call.

Why would i need to re-key my lock?

 If there is any chance that you are not the sole possessor of a key to a lock in your house or business then a re-key is the most economical solution for you since it keeps all your existing locks as they are now, absolutely no hassle for you since the combination pins in the lock are arranged in a different way thus rendering the old key useless.

Help, i can’t turn my ignition switch!

 Well you could simple try to “play” with the steering wheel and get it unlocked that way. Believe it or not but that is sometimes the simple case.If that’s not it then either the car key itself has a problem or the ignition is faulty and needs either a re builder or a new ignition installed, either way an auto locksmith professional from 247 Locksmith Service is up for the task!

Locksmith FAQ

Are you available right now?

Yes, you can use our service whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Can you dispatch a locksmith to any location?

We most certainly can! 24/7 Locksmith Service offers nationwide solutions, so you can rest assured that one of our technicians is not far away from you, no matter where you might be located.


How long should it take your tech to arrive?

Up to 20 minutes (from the moment you let us know the exact address where he should drive to).


What is the price of the service?

Each type of service has a different price, but you can see our price list page for more information. If you call our phone number and ask this question, you will get an estimate by phone, right away.


Are your technicians licensed and bonded?

Yes, all of them are, so you can be sure that you will receive the service from an authorized, reliable specialist, who really knows what he does and is allowed to do it.


Will I get any guarantee on the lock that you install in my door?

Yes, all the locks, keys, ignitions, panic bars and any other replacement parts that are provided by our technicians, come with a 90-day guarantee.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question here, you are more than welcome to call 24/7 Locksmith Service at (866) 397-9981!