Price List

 We are proud to offer fair and transparent rates. For a precise estimate and to find out why our customers choose us time and again, call us up at: (866) 397-9981. 


A $19 service call fee is applied to all services in order to cover travel expenses

Changing Your Locks

$25 *

Lock Re-keying

$19 *

Car Unlocking Service

$25 *

House Lockout

$25 *

New Car Key Fabrication

$90 *

Transponder Car Key


$119 *

Mail Box Change / Lockout

$35 *

File Cabinet Change / Lockout

$35 *

Fresh Lock Installation

$45 *

Car Key Extraction

$75 *

* Important Note: Some locksmith work needs a trained tech on-site for proper evaluation. In no circumstance will a locksmith of ours perform a job before quoting the customer the exact amount needed. Learn more about obtaining a free estimate.


Obtaining an Estimate

Receiving a quick quote is simple! All you have to do is call us up and speak to one of our friendly consultants. In order to assist you better we will ask you for some basic facts that relate to your locksmith needs, such as a description the nature of your situation, the location the service is needed, the make, model and color of the car (if applicable) and your contact information. We will then give you a price quote and with your approval will dispatch the closest available locksmith to your location. The locksmith technician who is closest to your location will call you right away with an estimated time of arrival.

If you are not sure about whether or not our prices are as low as we say they are, you can do a bit of research on your own, we recommend that you:

  • Do some comparative shopping. You can call several locksmith companies that operate in your area and ask them for their locksmith rates.
  • Ask the right questions. The more specific the details and circumstances that you share, the more responsive the quotes from locksmiths will be.
  • Find out about service rates. Keep in mind that service rates vary. Locksmith services may be categorized as house calls, emergency visits etc. so ask!

How We Keep Our Rates So Low

What makes our locksmith price list stand out among others? It’s the fact that 24/7 Locksmith Service is a nationwide company and our services are available in every metro area in the US. We’ve worked out a system that enables us to charge very low rates for our services; we are able keep our rates low because our locksmiths are dispersed throughout all the main metropolitan areas in the country. Since our technicians are already in your neighborhood, they don’t need to drive a long distance in order to get to your location.

By keeping travel times to a minimum, we are able to save money on gasoline as well as on compensation for our workers traveling time. The cash that we save on these expenditures is clearly evident in our super low rates. We know that by charging lower prices for the tasks that we complete, we give ourselves a competitive edge. Our customers benefit since they don’t have to pay exorbitant service fees like many other services charge, and we benefit by becoming the obvious choice in locksmith companies to hire. It is for a good reason that we are respected and trusted nationally, with the end result being that both our business and our clients benefit every time!

No Tricks or Gimmicks

We offer flat rates, so our customers know that we won’t raise the price on them when we arrive. With our services, there are no hidden fees. There are times when we arrive at a location to meet with one of our customers only to find that the issue that needs dealing with is more complicated to fix or maintain than originally thought. Situations like this don’t arise all that often, but they do come up from time to time. If we see that a task will cost more money to complete than previously thought, we make sure to notify our clients of any changes before we begin servicing their locks.

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As a result of our low rates, our company is constantly expanding while at the same time maintaining a local business feel. Take advantage of our low locksmith rates and get your security issues handled by our licensed and bonded professionals today!