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From ignition key duplication to car lockouts, broken car key extractions and transponder key reprogramming- our auto locksmiths are here to assist you 24/7!


Car door lock jam


Is your transponder key stuck in your car’s ignition? Are you having issues with your car’s door locks? Have you encountered a car lockout situation? Looking for a way to beef up the security level of your motorcycle? Do you want to install a strong security system on your car? Maybe you simply want to duplicate your car key so that you have a spare key for your child who just got her license… There are so many car locksmith issues that we can help with, so if you are you looking for a professional auto locksmith service, you can call off the hounds because our team is here to help you out with all your car’s security needs.
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Our 24/7 Car Locksmith Services

Whatever your specific auto locksmith needs entail, we are here to assist you 24/7. We will work quickly and neatly and we’ll leave your car in tip top condition without leaving a single scratch behind. We are so confident in the work that we do that we have a guarantee on all work done by our locksmith technicians. We are proud of the fact that we are not only available to provide round the clock services to those in need, but that we carry out each of our duties with patience and precision, leaving our clients with smiles on their faces every day. We are glad to be the ones who are called on to help out individuals who are struggling in a frustrating auto emergency situation.We have the specialized tools that are needed to deal with each and every car manufacturing company. We’ve got your back when it comes to all things auto security related.

Our car locksmith services include:

  • Vehicle lockouts

Locked out of your car? We will show up promptly with specialized tools such as pump wedges, slim Jims, and auto jigglers needed to pick your car door lock without leaving any damage to your vehicle whatsoever.

  • Keys stuck in ignition

Worn, bent car keys, dirty cylinder locks and bound tumblers can cause a stuck ignition lock. Our specialized locksmiths can provide you with quick solutions.

  • Damaged ignition repair

Ignitions systems function by initiating a chain reaction; the cam lobe pushes a switch witch activates breaker points which open, leading to the circuit to break. Should any of these stages become damaged, we can help you repair it with skill and expertise.

  • Transponder key programming

Have a new car with a key that needs programming or a key that needs to be reprogrammed for whatever reason? Our car locksmiths have the latest programming tools that are needed to get the job done in minutes.

  • Remote control lock replacement

If the remote controlled keyless entry system on your car is lost, we carry replacement remotes for all car models and we can program them for you easily on the spot with our specialized programming tools.

  • Broken car key extraction

Used and worn keys can break off inside car door locks and car transmissions, leaving you with an unprotected vehicle and without a working key. We have saw extractors, lock picks, and extractor scissor sets that  help us remove broken keys easily without harming your vehicle.

  • Motorcycle security solutions

Most motorcycles do not come with nearly enough security features installed on them. If you want to keep your motorcycle secure at all times, we can install a variety of alarms systems and security devices on your bike.

  • Car trunk lockouts

Our team of auto locksmiths can help you out if you lock your keys inside your car trunk. We can either pick your door lock and unlock your trunk from within your vehicle, or, pick the lock on your car trunk. Our method for dealing with car trunk lockouts depends on your car model.

  • Car key replacement

If you want to replace your car key, we can do it for you on the spot by cutting a new key for you and programming the transponder chip inside it if necessary.


The Cars We Service

We service a variety of car models and we have the tools and training that is necessary to enable us to service all your auto locksmith needs as efficiently as possible. No matter which vehicle you drive around in, if you have a jeep, hummer, SUV or motorcycle we can help you out quickly and get you back on the road in no time at all. We work with all car makes and models of the following manufacturers:

Car Manufacturers


High-tech Auto Security Solutions

Technology keeps evolving. As a result of the recent changes in technology, the entire face of auto security has changed drastically. It is for this reason that car theft has been reduced significantly over the last few years. Still, will all new improvements comes new challenges as well. Specialized tools and equipment are needed in order to fix all auto security mechanisms and high-tech keys. That’s why each and every one of our locksmiths drives around in a vehicle that is fully equipped with the latest tools on the market. Our technicians are ready to help out our clients around the clock and they know how to get the best results possible from their work every time.


About Our Staff

It is not enough to simply have the best tools in the trade; each of our locksmith technicians are required to undergo extensive locksmith training and must be properly educated before joining our team. We also only hire locksmiths who have a significant amount of experience under their belt and who can function well independently when on the job. Since car locks are constantly changing and improving overtime, making them more complicated to fix, our employees undergo training regularly and must keep updated on all the latest technological advances that pertain to auto locksmith. With all these specifications in place, we have developed a strong team of technicians who are armed with everything they need to expertly service your car locksmith needs. Our mobile experts work 24 hours a day, every day. We can reach you really quickly with our extremely fast response rates. For all your automotive locksmith needs, look no further!

In need of quality automotive locksmith services? Our phone representatives are ready to take your call at (866) 397-9981 whenever you need us!