Mercedes Benz Specialized Locksmith Service

Locking your keys in your car is always incredibly stressful, as lost or stolen keys are frustrating and can pose as a safety risk. If you happen to drive a Mercedes-Benz, all of that stress and frustration is likely compounded by that fact that your luxury vehicle is of extra value to you. If this ever happens to you and your Mercedes-Benz, you should only hire a qualified automotive locksmith who can service your auto security needs with efficiency and professionalism. A certified Mercedes-Benz locksmith will be able to:

Locksmith for Mercedes Benz

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•         Open your car door locks

•         Unlock your trunk

•         Cut new keys

•         Duplicate your key

•         Create Laser cut keys

•         Unjam your ignition

•         Remove broken keys from ignition

•         Replace and reprogram transponder chips


Should I Go to a Dealership for Help With My Car Key Issue?

Going to the dealership for your Mercedes-Benz related car key needs is always an option. However, it is not a very good option. In recent years, the dealership was your only choice for key repair or replacement. As luxury car manufacturers are very safety oriented, they’ve made it so that it is very difficult to replace your factory key. If you combine that with the lack of keys that dealerships keep in stock, you could wait a very long time for a new key to arrive. If the key that was lost, broken, or stolen happens to be your only key, what are you to do in the meantime? When facing a locksmith issue, the only possible course of action for you to take, is to contact a qualified car locksmith to help you out.


What Mercedes-Benz models should a pro locksmith be able to serve?

•         C-Class Sedan, E-Class Sedan, S-Class Sedan

•         CLA-Class Coupe, C-Class Coupe, E-Class Coupe, CLS-Class Coupe, S-Class Coupe

•         Mercedes AMG GT S

•         GLA-Class SUV, GLK-Class SUV, M-Class SUV, GL-Class SUV, G-Class SUV

•         E-Class Wagon

•         E-Class Cabriolet

•         SLK-Class Roadster, SL-Class Roadster

•         B-Class Electric Drive


Locksmiths that are licensed and certified to work on Mercedes-Benz cars will have blank keys and programmable fobs already in their tool kits.

Instead of waiting weeks for the dealership to get a new key for you, the locksmith can do it right on site for a fraction of the time and cost.