Services That Commercial Locksmiths Provide (Part 1)

When it comes to commercial locksmith issues, we have the solution! No matter what your office security needs entail, we have just the key for you!

SafeEveryday security of homes, businesses or vehicles is a crucial aspect for every person. Commercial establishments are not an exception, because many of them have specific security needs and face unexpected situations that may affect their customers. Thus, such organizations as hospitals, office buildings, factories, governmental departments, warehouses etc. are closely connected with the sphere of servicing, while banks, jewelry shops and hotels may require additional security to take care of the special needs of their clients. Commercial locksmiths provide a wide range of services, depending on the specialization of their business. The most popular of them include:


Safe hacking

It is the process of opening a safe without any keys or combinations. You may need this service if you have lost or misplaced your keys, or forgotten the combination of your safe. Don’t panic, because such things happen quite often and experienced locksmiths are trained to handle the problem in the shortest time possible. This, however, depends on the type of safe that you have and security features it offers. As a rule, commercial locksmiths use the following methods of safe hacking:


Lock manipulation

Locksmiths are intensively trained to manipulate the lock, in order to open it without any damage caused to the safe itself. This method may be applied to rotary combination locks, which can be manipulated by sound or feel, in order to identify the required combination.


Using autodialers

Some locksmiths use special auto-dialing appliances, to unlock safes without damaging them. These tools usually open specific types of locks and have to cycle hundreds or even thousands of combinations until the required code is found. This method may take time, but your will not have to repair your damaged safe afterwards.


Safe drilling

Locksmiths use this physical method, if no other measures help unlock the safe without damaging it. This method is also a necessity, in case that the lock or the system is broken, or there is something wrong with them. Repairing drilled safes doesn’t constitute a problem for a locksmith.


File cabinet unlock

Unlocking file cabinets becomes a necessity for many businesses, sooner or later. The most typical of them are broken or damaged locks, lost or stolen keys etc. In these situations, certified locksmiths may offer you a number of solutions to choose from, including lock repair, replacement keys made, rekeying or changing locks, lock picking etc. The solution, however, depends on the type and condition of the file cabinet lock that you have. Experienced locksmiths know how to unlock file cabinets, by analyzing and manipulating their components, without having the original keys or damaging the locks. The method of file cabinet unlocking depends on the security needs of your business and items that you plan to keep inside the file cabinet.