Services That Commercial Locksmiths Provide (Part 2)

Other kinds of services that commercial locksmiths provide include:


Keyless and high-security locks

Commercial locksmiths often recommend their clients to enhance the security of their businesses with keyless and high-security locks. Keyless access control locks allow you enter the office with a few pushes of buttons. You have your personal code and you can use it to open the door. No more lost, forgotten or stolen keys, lockout situations, bunches of keys in your pocket or bag etc. – these are the basic advantages of a keyless lock. If there is something wrong with the system, a locksmith can replace it in less than 30 minutes right on the spot!Keyless office entry locks

High-security locks, in their turn, are designed to resist all kinds of manipulations and forced entry attempts for a long period of time. The basic idea of their creation is to provide maximum security to your business. That is why they have the following characteristics: restrictive keyways, key control and master keying options, resistance to manipulations, forced entry resistance (drilling included) etc. These locks have to be installed by professional locksmith only.


Keys made for file cabinets

If you have lost or damaged your file cabinet key or someone has stolen it, then a professional business locksmith will cope with the task in a blink of an eye. The choice of a key depends upon the type of a file cabinet lock you have. The most popular of them are combination locks, standard mechanical locks, high security and keypad lock systems, pin tumbler and tubular locks, digital systems etc. Do you have a standard mechanical lock in your file cabinet? Then a skilled technician will be able to rekey or change the lock as well as produce custom – made keys right on the spot!


Panic bars

A panic bar is a special door locking device that consists of a metal bar that is attached to the exterior door from the inside about 40 inches up from the door’s bottom. When the physical strength is applied or the panic bar is pushed from the inside, the latch that holds the device releases and the door opens. This is especially important in case of emergency when there is no time to open a lock. These devices are often installed in office buildings and other commercial establishments with lots of employees. If any emergency happens, a panic bar allows to open the door easily and without any waste of precious time so that the panicking crowd could leave the place as soon as possible without the risk of hurting each other.

The device may be attached to single or double doors made of aluminum, wood, steel, glass or any other material. Although a panic bar is usually installed on the inner side of the door, different handles may be mounted on both sides of two-way doors for maximum security. Panic bars have to be installed in all emergency and fire exits and this is required by law. If you need to have the service provided professionally, it makes sense to contact a licensed locksmith.